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How to feed your child?

This is a multiple response question.

Habits, beliefs, pediatricians, origins, years, ...

will influence the path we choose to take.

For my part, I am influenced by my Nordic origins,

the advices of my pediatrician

and also by the research I have done on the latest

pediatric recommendations in Switzerland.

I will give you the main axes

on which I base the feeding of my children.

First of all, I give a great importance on the product quality.

I favor organic, regional and seasonal products. 

For off-season products, I prefer to use organic frozen food.


My two children were breastfed.

My first one, until 11 months old.

My second one is only 7 months old.

 So I'm still breastfeeding him for the moment.

For both of my children, I started the food diversification

when they were 4 months old.

So I started with small amounts,

while keeping breastfeeding as the main food.

Then, step by step, we advanced together

in the discovery of different foods.

To see my food diversification table,

or go directly to the "diversification" tab.

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